Founded in September of 2017, the LAMP website was originally operated by two brothers, one a physician, Hal A. Mitchell, and the other a semi-retired attorney, Scott S. Mitchell.  Both have been lifelong members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (hereafter “LDS Church”).  Hal Mitchell passed away in April of 2019.  Since then, the website is solely operated, and all the essays now appearing here were written, by Scott.  Both brothers served missions, attended BYU as undergraduates, married in the temple, and are parents of large families which were also raised in the LDS church.  At the time this website came into being, both brothers collaborated in writing the following two paragraphs describing the the website’s mission and the content of its essays.

The essays here address the historical and doctrinal teachings of Mormonism which we have concluded are untrue.  Before reading them, it is most important that our readers understand our feelings about the Book of Mormon.  Both of us have studied, pondered and prayed about this book extensively and have concluded separately that the book is exactly what it purports to be.  However, we cannot say the same about two other books of LDS scripture, the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.  We both believe that unlike the latter two books, the Book of Mormon withstands all intellectual and spiritual scrutiny related to its authenticity.   We believe in its historicity, but more importantly, in its plain and precious gospel truths, which supplement and complete those found in the Bible.  We also deem the book to be the most important spiritual guide on earth, and with the Bible, a second witness of Jesus Christ.  Both of us are dedicated to answering questions and challenges regarding whether the Book of Mormon is indeed a divinely inspired ancient work.   However, we also seek to point out major differences between the book’s teachings and those currently taught by the LDS Church, and demonstrate why the former should take precedence over contrary LDS theology from other sources.

Notwithstanding our backgrounds and zeal in proclaiming the gospel truths of the Book of Mormon and Bible, we do not defend those LDS historical and doctrinal teachings which are not true.  We seek to evaluate all LDS teachings with optimal objectivity, utilizing logic, careful and prayerful reading, scholarly research and the influence of the Holy Ghost together to accomplish this purpose.  If LDS beliefs cannot withstand rigorous intellectual and spiritual scrutiny, which is often unfortunately the case, we don’t hesitate to declare them in error.  We welcome interaction with our readership, including not only important questions and commentary regarding our essays, but also well-reasoned and respectful arguments in disagreement with our conclusions.

For those wishing to communicate privately with Scott S. Mitchell, you will only be required to honestly identify yourself to do so.  You can write to me via email at 7msbrothers.com or at kmitch3018@aol.com.