Does the Book of Mormon Corroborate LDS Church Claims of Divine Revelation, and Do Church Leaders Receive More of It?

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I feel the need to begin with this short clarification.  Although the second half of this essay argues that leaders of the LDS Church too often claim to have received revelation from God when they actually haven’t, I don’t believe these leaders are unrighteous men.  Indeed, I consider them generally righteous, well-intentioned, and highly intelligent men, who, like most members of their church, accomplish much more good than evil during their lives.  Their principle mistake, I believe, is that they accept unquestioningly traditional LDS views regarding their own authority, the superiority of their spiritual gifts, and what constitutes revelation and what does not. Continue reading

How the Book of Mormon Could Have Saved LDS Leaders from Error

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (hereafter “the Church”) teaches that sexual relationships between those of the same gender are sinful, as are any sexual relationships between partners who aren’t legally and lawfully married.  The concept that sexual relations between persons not married to each other is wrong is strongly rooted in biblical and Book of Mormon scripture, having been taught by Jesus himself, among several others, and is not illogical. Continue reading