Future Essay Topics


During March, essays will be published addressing first, the whether baptism for the dead is an inspired doctrine and practice, and second, Mormonism’s claims that the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthoods were restored to the earth by John the Baptist and Peter, James and John, respectively.  At the same time, the website will begin to respond to the most popular criticisms of the Book of Mormon.

In later months, essay topics will include, among others, a discussion of whether Shem was Melchizedek, as commonly believed in Mormonism; the wrongful emphasis within Mormonism on dietary minutiae;  Book of Mormon prophecies which were unfulfilled in 1830 but have since been fulfilled; whether vicarious rituals for the dead, as practiced in Mormon temples, are divinely inspired; how the Book of Mormon contradicts the LDS teaching that God the Father has a body of flesh and bones, as well as the notion that Jesus was the God of the Old Testament; the prevalence of celibacy among ancient prophets; and a philosophical and moral defense of Christianity’s sexual morality.

Readers are always invited to suggest or request essay topics by clicking on the Questions or Comments tab.

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